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For the past 2 years, Battle Body has helped myself, and thousands of other women in my Relentless Group take control of their lives.  In less than 5 hours per week (no joke), we have used the tools included in the program to help create a healthy lifestyle.
This progam is being retired
What you will receive:
FULL Battle Body Program (over $180 value)
Weekly Emails, Videos, Challenges and Prizes
Weekly Facebook Live Within Our Private Relentless Group
A group of supportive women who keep each other motivated and cheer each other on!
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REAL Stories
Amy D. - “I absolutely loved Battle Body!”

Kelly D. - “I loved [Battle Body] because I got great results in a short amount of time. The program is challenging but totally doable with my busy schedule!”

Laura G. - “This program is AMAZING!! If you have never done it, I highly encourage you to! This program is my go-to fat burner program. I love to alternate it in with other builder programs when it's ‘cuttin' time’.”

Misty L. - “One of the best programs I've done! 45 mins to an hour tops in the gym 5 days a week with some serious results!”

Sandy J. - “I did Battle Body and loved it! I saw great progress!”

Carrie W. - “LOVED Battle Body. I increased my strength so much!”

How can you possibly achieve your fitness goals when you can barely manage your daily life?
My name is Rachel Flint, and I struggled with this as well.

I wasn't always active.  In fact, I was really just going through the motions of my life.  I never challenged myself and so I thought I was comfortable....until I wasn't.  

About 10 years ago, I was doing what I did.  I was flipping channels, eating whatever I wanted at the time and something caught my attention.  It was a show about a slightly overweight woman, who was training to become a fitness competitor.  She was ready to give up her comfort to do something that would make her feel better about herself.

I started to research and learn everything I could.  Eventually, I started a Facebook Group and it grew.  Because I simply shared what I was learning and how it was impacting me.  
I didn't want to feel like a failure....
Fast forward a few years.  My social media following was growing after winning a couple fitness competitions including two transformation contests on, but I was falling back in to my "comfort" zone.

At this point, I had 3 kids.  I was able to get back in to shape after baby 1 and 2.  But after 3, I was feeling down and feeling completely unmotivated.  I had a social media following that looked to me for advice and motivation, but how could I help when I had no motivation myself?  
That is when I leaned on the group to help me. I asked what some of their challenges were and I found they were similar to mine.  The first was frustration over not being able to find time to achieve their fitness goals.  The second was finding a way to stay motivated over a long period of time.  And the third was not understanding why the body wasn't responding when they did find time to get a workout in.

It is like I was talking to myself, and it is why I ultimately developed my Battle Body Program.
What Is The Battle Body Program?
The Battle Body Program was designed to provide you with all the tools necessary to get in shape and stay in shape without spending hours working out.
Step by step training guide
8 week in-gym program with unique daily workouts
8 week at-home program with unique daily workouts
Video Demonstrations for each workout
Supplementation Guide
Supplementation Overview
Benefit Breakdown
Prioritized list based on what I use
Flexible Dieting
Learn how to incorporate your favorite foods in to your diet
Learn how carbs, fats and protein impact your body
Food List
List of fit friendly foods
Variety to ensure no meal will be boring
Body Type
Learn how your body type impacts how it responds to exercise
Apply specific exercises based on your body
Weekly motivational newsletter with recipes, advice and motivational tips
Private RELENTLESS Facebook Group
...More real stories
What's Inside The Battle Body Program?
An easy to follow program designed to help you build the body you want in less than 5 hours per week.  I've included everything you need to get in shape and stay that way.....
Battle Body Gym AND Home ($99 value)
Over 80 unique workouts whether you are at the gym or working out from home
Instructional videos for how to perform each exercise
Over 60 different cardio options to break up monotony
 Definitions of different workout methods that help "shock" your body
Mind Your Macros ($37 value)
 Calculate and customize you macros by body type
 Eliminate food restrictions and learn how to eat what you love
 Learn how to read nutrition labels and what too look for
 Track and adjust your macros as you progress to continuously see results
Battle Body Meal Guide ($27 value)
 Comprehensive list of fit friendly foods: meats, veggies, fruits, beverages, fats, oils, dairy, and nuts!
 There are five breakfast options, five snack options, five lunch/dinner options, and a treat list
 Simple guidance so you can get started on the right track!
Supplementation Guide ($19 value)
 Suggestions listed in priority order so you don’t get overwhelmed
 Learn what items will help you fill the gaps in your diet.
 Detailed descriptions and recommended uses
 Budget friendly options
PLUS These Bonus Items
Access To My Free RELENTLESS Facebook Group
  When you pick up the Battle Body programs today, you'll receive access to a Facebook community where you'll get direct access to me and my team
   Accountability and support from me, my team and your fellow Relentless gals
    Share your progress, ideas, and encouragement with the community and reach your goals as a team
"What Is Your Body Type" Guidelines
 Learn how your body type impacts your ability to gain muscle and lose weight
 Find out what exercises are best suited to help you achieve your goals based on what body type you have
My Battle Body program has helped thousands of women get healthy and stay that way.

I named it Battle Body because for many women, myself included, staying in shape and making the right food choices can feel like a battle.  I am confident in this program because I have seen the results.

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Over $180 in value for $37
I Know....You Hear About So Many Programs Guaranteeing Quick Results
I won't lie.  This program isn't easy.  That said, the programs are only 45 minutes each and every day is new routine so you don't get bored with the same old stuff.  It is designed to allow women of any level to succeed if you are willing to commit to these 5-45 minute workouts per day and the flexible diet.
How Fast Will I See Results?
Results are based on the work you put in.  Different people will see different results.  However, the goal of Battle Body is to help you achieve a fitness lifestyle.  I promise, if you put in the time you WILL see a change both mentally and physically.
What Kind Of Diet Is This?  Diets Are So Challenging.
Most diets tell you to follow the plan for a certain amount of time.  The problem with that is, you get results but struggle to maintain them.  This program provides a guide for tracking your macros as well as a food list to help you along the way.   There is no set diet though.  You get to choose what to eat, based on the macro guide provided.  EASY!!! 
How Long Will I Spend Preparing Meals?
Generally, you should only spend a couple hours each week preparing meals.  This also depends on what you want to prepare.  The food list I provide allows you to make your meals as simple or complex as you want. 
How Much Do The Supplements Cost?
One thing I always say is, there is no magic pill for success.  I view supplements for what they are...supplementing my meals.  The supplements I recommend are completely optional and based only on what I do when I am working a program.  But the program provides all the information you need to make an educated choice.
I Have Tried Programs In The Past, But My Busy Schedule Always Screws It Up.  How Is This Program Different?
I designed this program based on my busy life and the feedback from other busy women in my RELENTLESS group.  I made the workouts quick enough that you can finish them at home or at the gym in 45 minutes or less.  I also don't believe in fad diets.  Many people fail because strict diet programs aren't always feasible and once you are finished, the weight comes back on.  My flexible diet principles mean you can eat food you like within the macro guidelines.

I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed.  This program won't add stress to your life.  And when you are done, you will feel like a new person......I promise.
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Battle Body FAQ
 What is Battle Body?
Battle Body is an eight-week strength training and cardio program geared to help women transform their bodies without spending hours in the gym.
Who should do this program?
Women who need a program that will deliver results in 45 minutes or less (including cardio!) and who get bored with the repetition found in most other programs. It’s set up to maximize your efforts in a minimal amount of time.
Do I need a gym membership?
I know it isn't always possible to make it to the gym.  So I created 2 versions of Battle Body.  One for the gym and one for home.  You get both as part of this program.  And because each workout is unique, you can mix up both your home and gym workouts however you need to.
What do I get with my purchase?
You’ll immediately get an email with a link to instantly download both Battle Body Gym and Battle Body Home so you can get started as soon as possible! You will also receive my book on how to manage your macros.  You will receive a body type breakdown to help you determine what your body type is and what that means.  You also get my food list to help you make smart decisions when shopping.  There is a complete supplement guide that breaks down what supplements are and how they work and you will also get free access to Relentless, my fitness community where you can get support from other women just like you! We’ll answer your questions and do all we can to help you achieve your fitness goals! 

Please note: You will not receive a physical book. This is a digital product only! Your Battle Body program will be available to download a very limited number of times, so please keep track of the file!
What skill level is this for?
This program is appropriate for most levels of fitness. Even if you’re new to lifting, each exercise links to a video demo on my YouTube channel! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there so you can get notifications when I add new exercises to my exercise database!
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